Individual photos are  $20. Use the shopping cart and purchase through the website.  The system will email you the image(s).  Just follow the instructions as you go through the purchase process.

DEAL: $50 for up to 10 photos of your athlete (sorry, can't mix and match athletes). 
To purchase your photos:

   1.  Email transfer $50 to  and note which swimmer's name in the transfer notes so I know who's paid.  Your txt phone number would be great too, if there are any questions.

   2. Email me at  with:
       a) that same athlete's name
       b) the photo numbers that you want. The 4 digits at the beginning of the filename (it's at the bottom of every photo).

   3. I will email you back a link with those unwatermarked photos.  It may take a day or two to get that done as I have to manually pull those photos for you.

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