$30 Solo Performances (10-20 Images. Downloads only.)

$50 All Multi-Person Performances (20-50 Images. Downloads only.)

This is a modified Pre-Order process.    There will be no preview images posted.

To order photos: (not quite ready yet)

1. Go to the performances folder.  The dances will be organized just like the program.

2. Purchase the empty galleries of the dances you want.
    NOTE: We shoot all dances but only process the images for the purchased folders. There will be no preview images in these galleries.

3. We fill your order as fast as we can (days, not weeks), putting photos into those folders you just purchased.

4. You get an email telling you where to view and how to download.

We are only selling entire galleries

There will be 10-50 shots per gallery.  Groups get more shots than solos because we try to get shots of every dancer. Hopefully, the choreography brings everyone to the front, or at least into the open for a bit.

Modified Pre-Order Process
We only process images after you purchase.

You buy an empty folder, then we fill it up with the best, edited images for that dance. There’s no preview before you buy because processing unsold photos cost time and that’s an unnecessary expense that we don’t want to pass on to our paying customers.

This is different. Why can’t I look before I buy?

Like we said, it’s about costs. We don’t want to work on shots that aren’t sold because that drives our costs up, which drives your prices up. Plus, processing unsold images amounts to working for nothing. Who wants that? 😉

Disasters & Refunds? 

Fast and reasonable.

We fooled up - Missed a performance, equipment failure, just got it wrong (hey, it happens). We will send you a notice and ask if there is a make-good opportunity in another dance. If not, we return the money as fast as we can. Please appreciate that we are really, really busy this week.

Here’s the ‘reasonable’ part:

Taste – Don’t like the face/movement/limb position? This is split-second, live action. We do the best we can and you get multiple photos. For sure there are some good ones in there. Groups – There is no way to guarantee your child is front and center in a photo. With small groups it's almost certain, but in larger groups it’s simply not possible. When you buy larger group shots (more than about 6), that’s the chance you take. Hopefully, you can see your child in several shots but it’s often not possible to get multiple shots of everyone. We try our best, but that’s all we can do.

WHAT! – If there’s that (I don’t know what ‘that’ is but you’ll know it when you see it), then drop us a note and we will do what we can to make it right.  

Who is

David Hiscock, primary photographer for this event, has been taking pictures of talented performers, artists, athletes, and awesome people doing what they love for 10+ years. As a photographer, fan, and Dad, David finds joy and takes immense pride in his ability to capture performance moments and memories for actors, dancers, gymnasts, musicians, ensembles as well as team and individual athletes. On you will find galleries of amazing pictures of awesome people, young and young at heart, doing what they love.

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